Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey Mark Walker, You're Not Qualified!

What do you do when you know your Democratic opponent is going to take back your district's house seat?

You go after a higher paying job.

You may have worn out your welcome at your last job.

But so what,

you've got friends,

and you might be able to help them get something they want.

They twist a few arms.

They raise you money.

The last Republican candidate approximately spent 10,000.00 bucks on their statewide campaign.

But no worries.

For your bosses,

10,000 dollars,

is chickenfeed.

And they want to control everything.

They do have a little clout,

but even their influence,

can't win you the nomination at convention.

Because too many delegates understood the truth.

That you're,



And your opponent,

Richard Ellis,


"Doesn't matter!", you tell yourself,

because you've got buddies,

and they have money.

You become so cocky you offer your opponent a job if he drops out.

But he won't,

because he has integrity,

and he too knows,

that you're,



He turns you in.

But not to worry, the current attorney general is the one of your buddies, and he's helping you finance your campaign.

And the lieutenant governor won't do diddly,

because he's one of your buddies,

and to hell with ethics when it's between friends.

And if foe some God awful reason,

you do get elected,

and you don't know what to do.

Just remember,

you have no worries,

because your buddies will fix it,

and tell you what to do.