Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey Mark Walker, You're Not Qualified!

What do you do when you know your Democratic opponent is going to take back your district's house seat?

You go after a higher paying job.

You may have worn out your welcome at your last job.

But so what,

you've got friends,

and you might be able to help them get something they want.

They twist a few arms.

They raise you money.

The last Republican candidate approximately spent 10,000.00 bucks on their statewide campaign.

But no worries.

For your bosses,

10,000 dollars,

is chickenfeed.

And they want to control everything.

They do have a little clout,

but even their influence,

can't win you the nomination at convention.

Because too many delegates understood the truth.

That you're,



And your opponent,

Richard Ellis,


"Doesn't matter!", you tell yourself,

because you've got buddies,

and they have money.

You become so cocky you offer your opponent a job if he drops out.

But he won't,

because he has integrity,

and he too knows,

that you're,



He turns you in.

But not to worry, the current attorney general is the one of your buddies, and he's helping you finance your campaign.

And the lieutenant governor won't do diddly,

because he's one of your buddies,

and to hell with ethics when it's between friends.

And if foe some God awful reason,

you do get elected,

and you don't know what to do.

Just remember,

you have no worries,

because your buddies will fix it,

and tell you what to do.


Anonymous said...


I think you captured perfectly what went on here. Awesome post!

But you forgot that he's so arrogant he actually told people about his Ellis payoff, and pretty soon is going to come face to face with 6-10 people he told with his own mouth. Then, with his head in the sand, he'll tell us they're all corrupt liars.

He knew Ellis was perfectly qualified but was convinced he would eliminate Ellis at convention because of leadership's clout. Shocked does not begin to describe how Walker felt when he came up just short.
And now look where he's ended up. This can't end well for you Mark, I am sorry to say. Honesty is the best policy.

steve u. said...

"What do you do when you know your Democratic opponent is going to take back your district's house seat?"

Ya. Having beat her 2 out of 2 times, Walker must have been shaking in his boots. Especially in a presidential year when Republican turnout is increased.

Anonymous said...

18 votes, Steve U. 18 votes.

Bottom line, Mark Walker is a rude rube. Talk to his neighbors, his community, they know. That's why they didn't vote for him for legislature.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line Walker is a what? Mark is a great guy, and you sir are an ass.

Anonymous said...

Here's what qualifies Walker; he would be a great puppet for Curtis, Shurtleff, and the Lt. Gov. if elected.


Your party has done a great job with branding in Utah. Unfortunately you have done such a good job in branding you have forgotten to put forward your best candidates, like Richard Ellis.

Your party has elected several candidates that are not qualified in their elected positions, and I think it's safe to say that Walker was elected simply because he had a elephant on his sign.

Thank goodness times are changing.

Walker was over and he knew it.

Pionia said...

I'd say this is the best post of the year. Walker just isn't qualified or is he experienced. I bet the guy was fired from his last position.

I also hear that he is in bad health.

Anonymous said...


Maybe Republican turnout is higher in a typical presidential election year, but in the year of Obama, the democrats in tight races like Walker's will get more of a boost than the republicans. Unless Romney is on the ballot, Walker would've been toast.

OK now, time to lay down bets: how many days after the election, regardless of the result, do we find out that Walker cannot legally run for treasurer? I give it two weeks, because I know we have some Walker supporters who will be major foot draggers. I bet they already know he can't legally be a candidate because of the pay raise he voted for. When will they tell us?

Louis La Bomb said...

Way to go J-Man. That disgrace Walker hit the dirt! And you're the reason why.

I'm gonna get you J-Man! You bet I'll getch you!